How To Start Boxing: Gear & Techniques (2023)

Boxing is a sport that involves two competitors wearing gloves and throwing punches at each other in a ring.

It is a physically demanding sport that requires both strength and agility. If you are interested in starting boxing, it is important to learn the basic skills and techniques and acquire the necessary equipment.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of how to start boxing and what equipment is needed. 

1. Find a Boxing Gym

The first step to start boxing is to find a reputable boxing gym. Look for a gym that has experienced trainers who can teach you the fundamentals of boxing, including proper form and technique.

You should also look for a gym that has a variety of equipment, such as punching bags, speed bags, and boxing rings.

2. Get Your Boxing Gear

Boxing requires specific gear to ensure your safety during training and competition. Here is a list of the essential equipment you will need to start boxing:

Boxing Gloves

Gloves are the most important piece of equipment for a boxer. They protect your hands and knuckles while hitting the bag or sparring with your opponent. Make sure to choose gloves that fit your hand size and weight class.

Hand Wraps

Hand wraps are used to protect your hands and wrists from injury. They are wrapped around your hand and wrist to provide support and prevent sprains.


Headgear is used to protect your head from injury during sparring. It is especially important for beginners who are still learning proper technique and may not be able to fully control their punches.


A mouthguard is essential to protect your teeth and prevent injuries to your jaw during sparring.

Boxing Shoes

Boxing shoes provide traction and support, allowing you to move quickly and easily around the ring. They also help to reduce the risk of foot and ankle injuries.

3. Learn Basic Techniques

Once you have your gear, it is time to learn the basics of boxing. Your trainer will teach you the proper stance, footwork, and punching techniques. You will also learn defensive techniques, such as how to block and dodge punches.

4. Practice on the Bag and Speed Bag

To improve your punching technique and build strength, practice hitting the heavy bag and speed bag. The heavy bag will help you develop power in your punches, while the speed bag will improve your hand-eye coordination and speed.

5. Spar with Other Boxers

Sparring is when two boxers practice their skills against each other. It is important to spar with boxers who are at a similar skill level to you, and always wear protective gear. Sparring will help you apply what you have learned in training and improve your timing and reflexes.

The 12th Round 

Starting boxing can be intimidating, but with the right gear, training, and dedication, anyone can learn the basics of this sport. Remember to always prioritize safety and follow the guidance of your trainer. Good luck on your boxing journey!

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